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Many city and states public health laws include a provision for detention of people with infectious disease, such as tuberculosis, if necessary to ensure treatment or halt further spread of a condition. Much of the literature around this issue is on the ethics of detention. You are hoping to find evidence that detention is an effective public health practice or case law supporting detention that you can use to justify your agency’s use of this strategy.

P (Population or Patient or Problem): spread of infectious disease by people dangerous to others or not treatment-compliant

I (Intervention):detention

C (Comparison, if one)

O (Outcome(s))balance between individual rights and safety of population

Background questions: What is the current legal standing of detention in your area?

Foreground question (searchable): In what cases has detention been found an effective and legally supportable way to prevent disease transmission?

This assignment must be written in a paragraph format. All resources MUST be cited in the paragraph(s). You are expected to cited at least two-three sources in your paragraph (s).

Database(s) or resources that you would search: PubMed, LexisNexis or Westlaw or HEIN online, Bioethics resources (LocatorPlus)

Terms that you would use in the searching: Quarantine/legislation & jurisprudence Communicable Disease Control/legislation & jurisprudence or Communicable Diseases Transmission (subheading)

Look at your relevant results. Lacey C. Abuse of quarantine authority. The case for a federal approach to infectious disease containment. J Leg Med. 2003 Jun;24(2):199-214.

Lerner BH. Catching patients: tuberculosis and detention in the 1990s. Chest. 1999 Jan;115(1):236-41.

Mindes P. Tuberculosis quarantine: a review of legal issues in Ohio and other states. J Law Health. 1995-1996;10(2):403-28.

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