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I need an explanation for this Biology question to help me study.

Ch. 6 Cellular Respiration

Please put your answers in RED or another color.


1. How do plants make glucose?

2. How do plant and animal cells make energy (ATP)?

3. Write the chemical equation for cellular respiration:

4. What is the difference between breathing (external respiration) and cellular respiration (internal respiration)?

5. Explain oxidation vs. reduction in a chemical reaction. What is an electron carrier?

6. How many times does the citric acid cycle run (how many acetyl CoA are put in) per glucose?

7. List the steps of cellular respiration:

Stage 1:

What goes in?

What is produced?

Stage 2:

What goes in?

What is produced?

Stage 3:

What goes in?

What is produced?

8. Explain the difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration

9. When plants and yeast go through glycolysis, it is also called alcohol fermentation. Explain how this is used to make alcohol:

10. What other molecules, besides glucose, can be used for ATP production in the mitochondria? What stages of respiration are these other molecules used?

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