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Can you help me understand this Health & Medical question?

(Great English is a must!! No grammar errors!)

(Paper with grammar errors or incoherent sentences won’t be accepted)

(Minimum 3 Pages, Double Spaced,Apa Format)


Subject of the paper: The Subject is secondary trauma

  • Ensure you include no less than 3 scholarly references in addition to the course text as sources within your essay (follow all APA writing requirements for citation and references).
  • Write a 3-5 page APA essay on Secondary Trauma (not including title and reference pages).

Below is what I submitted as topic proposal (which means that the paper needs to be written based on this abstract)

Abstract: Trauma is a term that many persons have used to describe the impact of an event that has left a negative impact on them and/or their lives. However what many are unaware of is that while trauma exposure is the most common means of developing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) it is not the only way. Throughout this paper the topic of Secondary Trauma will be explored. Secondary trauma is the sometimes sudden development of PTSD-like symptoms without directly witnessing or having being involved in a traumatic event. Secondary trauma is defined as indirect exposure to trauma through a firsthand account or narrative of a traumatic event. The vivid recounting of trauma by the survivor and the clinician’s subsequent cognitive or emotional representation of that event may result in a set of symptoms and reactions that parallel PTSD (e.g., re-experiencing, avoidance and hyperarousal) (Zimering PhD & Bird Gulliver, PhD, 2003,). It is important in the counseling profession to understand who may be at risk of secondary trauma as well as identifying and understanding the signs of secondary trauma. As a counselor there may be times when a person presents with trauma it is beneficial to know the similarities and differences between chronic trauma, complex trauma, compassion fatigue and secondary trauma. At the conclusion of the paper we will review of approaches to cope with Secondary Trauma during the healing process.

Requirement: The following represents the full request of this task:

Other information: No plagiarism, No grammar errors


  • APA Format
  • No plagiarism is accepted
  • Only academic resources should be used, no older than 5 years old
  • Adhere to the requested number of words/pages
  • No Grammar errors ( refunds will be asked for incoherent/ full of grammar errors papers)

*** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed***


Thank you for your support

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