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Can you help me understand this Biology question?

Listen to the two Radiolab Podcasts linked below, respond to each of these prompts in your own words, and submit your responses to this assignment. Please be sure to number your responses so I can tell which belongs to each prompt.

A. Prokaryote Diversification: Infective Heredity (Links to an external site.)…

1. Compare and contrast horizontal gene transfer in prokaryotes with vertical gene transfer that occurs during sexual reproduction in eukaryotes.

2. How is horizontal gene transfer a plausible mechanism for diversification of prokaryotes? Use the steps for speciation that we discussed in class for your explanation.

3. Explain how horizontal gene transfer is important to you.

B. Protist Diversification: Cellmates (Links to an external site.)…

1. Explain the energetic constraints that prohibit prokaryotes from getting larger than they are. Be sure to explain the implications of the energy canyon for the evolution of eukaryotes.

2. What is endosymbiosis and what organisms are involved in the association? Describe the mutual benefit that occurred to maintain the association.

3. How is endosymbiosis a plausible mechanism for the diversification of early eukaryotes (protists)? Note: this is a critical thinking question and you will not find the answer explicitly stated in the podcast.

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