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Assignment 5 Social Dilemma and Environment or Microplastics; with a quick note on Pebble Mine

This is a multi-optioned assignment. Because many are restricted to quarters for the next week or so. I thought we would have a movie week!! You will be responsible for watching all the following, with the possible exception of A Social Dilemma if you cannot get Netflix. For those with access to Netflix, please watch A Social Dilemma and give me your take on the potential impacts on how we perceive and handle major environmental problems, ie fossil fuels, climate change, etc. For those without Netflix access, the assignment is Microplastics. Even if you have access to a Social Dilemma, I want you to watch the Microplastics offerings (you can choose either topic for your assignment )In the next week or two we will also be looking at the environmental (include health) issues of sugar. Whether you do Social Dilemma or Microplastics, I want you to add an additional paragraph or two on your take after hearing the Pebble Mine (Assignment 2) tapes (this is in addition to the paper so can be added on and is not considered part of assignment 5 expected length). Watch the Sugar piece for now and we’ll have an assignment later on that.


1 Social Dilemma if you can get it on Netflix

2 Pebble Mine Tape (Links to an external site.)

3 California Fires (Links to an external site.)

4 Microplastics

Microplastics explained (explainity® explainer video) (Links to an external site.)Microplastics explained (explainity® explainer video)

How microplastics affect your health (Links to an external site.)How microplastics affect your health

Microplastics are everywhere | Sarah Dudas | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity (Links to an external site.)Microplastics are everywhere | Sarah Dudas | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

5 The Secrets of Sugar – the fifth estate

The Secrets of Sugar – the fifth estate (Links to an external site.)The Secrets of Sugar - the fifth estate

Remember What I expect from your ‘Assignments’

Who cares?? ie what is the issue?

Background on problem

Where you surprised by this topic—had you heard about it before?

Does it matter?

In your estimation is there a fix that we should propose or not an issue and we shouldn’t worry about it because…

No more than 2-pages (not less than 1), 1” margins, 12 font, turn in online

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