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I need help with a Engineering question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Show your progression to the answer if the problem warrants it.Partial credit will be awarded where applicable.Box in your final answer.If a problem implies engineering units, then an engineering unit should be part of the answer.Your textbook and any class content provided via Canvas are acceptable resources for this exam.Do not work with or compare answers with other students on this exam.Come see me during office hours if you have questions.

1- Express each number in scientific notation.

  • .00055
  • 42,100
  • 182,000
  • .0000000032

2- Convert to the indicated metric prefix.

  • 10 nF=__________ pF
  • 1500 µH=__________mH
  • 50 MW = __________kW

3 to 10 in the upload file

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