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Nurses in Health Policy

Nurses are among the healthcare professionals who play significant roles in the healthcare industry. They consist of the largest portion of the healthcare workforce. It is worth noting that nurses represent a substantial proportion of employees at schools, healthcare facilities, and community practices, among other clinical settings concerned with health (Williams, Philips, & Koyama,2018). Besides, nurses provide unique expertise and vast experiences that bring perspective to the government and electoral processes. A vital aspect of health policy advocacy relates to developing connections and establishing networks that help nurses learn from others and share what they know.

Healthcare policies implemented at the national, state, and local levels affect everything that nursing has to do. Some of the policy issues that may drive nurses to lobby Congress have a direct impact on the patient, community, and family. For instance, they may lobby to advocate fighting the opioid epidemic and childhood obesity. Nurses have the power to influence health policy both at local and national levels by being involved in the agenda of action for promoting health (Williams, Philips, & Koyama, 2018). Another issue affecting most communities is insuring the uninsured and providing quality care to the vulnerable society. Many programs and projects have been successful due to the strategies adopted by nurse advocates and the connections developed outside and within the government and people of influence.

One of the strategies that nurses can use to have their voices heard is by taking a direct approach. Signing of online petitions and form letters is one way of sharing opinions with the government. (Carlson, 2016) However, making a call to the legislator’s office can be more effective, just like a face-to-face meeting. Additionally, their voices can be heard by continually speaking about public health. If federal and state legislators are debating on a critical issue, a nurse’s opinion can have a valuable impact during decision making.


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