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The following parts below are meant to prepare for the final research project. (3 parts) Part 1 and part 2 are both meant to prepare/organize thoughts and research studies that may be used in preparation for part 3, which needs to be 10 pages (excluding title page and reference page). Part 1 is meant to be the first page of the final paper (part 3). An abstract is only required for Part 3.

Part 1 (1 page): To begin the Evidence Based Practice Quality Improvement project, you will select a problem/prepare a nursing research proposal of a relevant problem found in your work environment. (ex. Pressure ulcers). Formulate a one-page topic proposal that should include the problem that you are working on, what are you trying to improve? Why did you select this problem? The goal for the practice improvement project should be to tell the story of your improvement project. This is the first page of your final presentation paper. This assignment should be preparatory work for your practice improvement paper and presentation. This one-page proposal paper will be due no later than 10/19/2020.

Part 2 (3 pages): This part is based on Part 1 and is a 3-page essay answering and expanding upon each letter of the P.I.C.O question in further preparation for Part 3. Below is a table giving a brief description of what each letter stands for and what it should include. The “P” which stands for Problem, should be the same used in Part 1; Part 2 simply expands on what was written in Part 1. This will also be due by 10/19/2020.


Patient, population or problem: What are the most important characteristics of the problem/ patient condition? A short background on topic.


Intervention: What main intervention are you considering (medical, surgical, preventative)?


Comparison: what are the alternatives being used and how they compare with the intervention.


Outcome: What can you hope to accomplish, measure, improve or affect? What are you trying to do for the patient?

Part 3 (10 pages): This is a formal 10-page paper on your EBP practice improvement project. This assignment requires the use of evidence-based references. Proper APA 7th edition format including title page and reference page, and citation is expected for this assignment. Minimum of five peer reviewed research articles/journals needed for cited resources. Articles/journals to be no more than five years old.

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