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I’m working on a Environmental Science exercise and need support.

i will provide 11 topics, u could choose any one

1. Smoking in Nursing Homes

A major government report on passive smoking has recommended that all nursing homes

introduce policies on smoking by staff and residents that reflect the same principles of

safeguarding the health and amenity of non-smokers that the report recommends should apply

in the general community. You work in a nursing home where smoking by some semi-ambulant

elderly patients has traditionally been allowed in common indoor lounge areas. There are 20

elderly residents who spend hours in this area each day. Eight of them smoke heavily. Of those

who do not, three regularly object to the smoking. One staff member argues that the nursing

home serves as a final home for these patients; that the state has no right to intrude into private

homes; that any health effects from passive smoking are unlikely to significantly alter the health

“outcomes” for the residents anyway; and that smoking represents one of the few remaining

pleasures for these people.

Proponent position: that all staff and residents must not smoke inside the nursing home.

Opponent position: that residents who choose to smoke should be allowed to do so inside the

nursing home.

Suggested reading to start with:

Goodin RE. The ethics of smoking. Ethics 1989;99:574-624.

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