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I need help with a Biology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

This lab is shorter than the other ones, I will do half of them and the other half you’re going to do them


Question #1. Draw a simple water molecule, including where there are slight positive and negative charges. Include the polar covalent bond. Then, draw a second water molecule, indicating the hydrogen bond between the two water molecules. (Review your notes on these! Don’t guess!)

Question #2. Describe how cohesion and adhesion could play a role in water transport through the xylem of a plant.

6. Plot the data on the grid below using time on the x axis and the amount of water evaporated on the y-axis. You should have one line on the graph for each of the four different environmental conditions. Label each clearly, using a key.

Question 7. Describe the characteristics of the data which support or refute your hypotheses from Question 6. Were your hypotheses supported or not?

10. Some plant species are known to shut their stomata during hot, dry conditions. Does the evidence show that our test branch closed its stomates? Describe how the data support your conclusion.

Question 11. Imagine that you are on the President’s Landscaping Committee, charged with planning the landscaping for a new Grossmont College Biology Laboratory complex to be constructed in the parking lot near the Gymnasium. The President has instructed the Committee to select drought-tolerant plants as much as possible. The rest of the committee looks to you for advice, since you have taken Biology 120. Do you think today’s plant species would qualify as drought-tolerant? Explain why or why not.

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