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Formulate a BRIEF Drug Information Response for the following inquiry: (1/2 page, answer the 2 questions below and cite source)

A 67 y.o. white male, R.O., enters your community pharmacy and states he has been in contact with a distant relative who tested positive for Covid 19. He is new to your pharmacy and states he is NOT taking any prescription medications or supplements.

His interaction with his infected relative was brief (a socially distanced outdoor event). The event took place about 3 days ago. He is NOT currently demonstrating any signs or symptoms of Covid 19.

R.O. informs you he is here to pick up a medication. You see there is prescription written by Dr. Jones, MD for a Medrol Dosepak to be taken immediately to prevent Covid 19 infection.

What to turn in:

1) Will you fill the Rx as written?

2) Citing current clinical evidence, write a brief note to the prescriber expressing any concerns you have over this medication and make a specific recommendation for moving forward.

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