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I’m stuck on a Environmental Science question and need an explanation.

Module 2 Quiz

  • Due Oct 18 at 11:59pm
  • Points 20
  • Questions 12
  • Available until Oct 18 at 11:59pm
  • Time Limit 30 Minutes
  • Allowed Attempts 2


The purpose of this quiz is to demonstrate your understanding of the components and dynamics of ecosystems.

You will have the opportunity to develop skills/knowledge in:

  • defining basic ecology terms and concepts, such as biome, productivity, biodiversity, etc.
  • distinguishing biotic from abiotic ecosystem components and processes
  • defining soil properties and differentiating good versus poor soil health
  • analyzing the relationship between soil health, climate change and grazers
  • evaluating the use of grass-based livestock to enhance soil health and store atmospheric carbon

Complete the following tasks for this quiz:

  • Complete your first attempt at the quiz in 30 minutes.
  • Review what you got wrong and revisit the material in What to do Module 2

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Attempt History

Attempt Time Score
LATEST Attempt 1 2 minutes 2.83 out of 20 *

* Some questions not yet graded

Answers will be shown after your last attempt

Score for this attempt: 2.83 out of 20 *

Submitted Oct 18 at 10:27pm

This attempt took 2 minutes.

PartialQuestion 10.67 / 2 pts

Savory explains that herds of herbivores in grassland systems . . . (choose all that apply)

PartialQuestion 20.67 / 2 pts

Increasing soil carbon is associated with . . . (choose all that apply):

UnansweredQuestion 30 / 1.5 pts

______ is the scientific study of relationships in the natural world.

UnansweredQuestion 40 / 1.5 pts

In terms of biome type in relation to temperature and rainfall, the tropical ______ biome is just as warm but slightly more dry than the tropical rainforest biome.

UnansweredQuestion 5Not yet graded / 2 pts

Share two detailed, or specific, observations about the Net Primary Productivity plot below (and much larger on the What to do Module page). This question will be graded manually after the quiz deadline.


PartialQuestion 60.5 / 2 pts

Match the following water cycle terms with whether they are an example of a reservoir where water is stored or means by which water is cycled.




plant uptake




soil moisture

Question 71 / 1 pts

Which gas makes up the majority of our atmosphere?

IncorrectQuestion 80 / 1 pts

Roughly ____% of energy is made available from one trophic level to the next, meaning that a grassland passes this percentage of the sun’s energy to the herd of cows grazing on it.

IncorrectQuestion 90 / 2 pts

Which of the following are chemical properties of soil? (Choose all that apply)

IncorrectQuestion 100 / 2 pts

Soil organic matter could include . . . (choose all that apply):

IncorrectQuestion 110 / 1 pts

Soil contains more carbon than Earth’s vegetation and atmosphere combined.

IncorrectQuestion 120 / 2 pts

The Soil Carbon Cowboys, Soil Solutions to Climate Change and TED talk by Savory describe increasing soil health (including increased soil carbon storage) on livestock pasture as involving . . . (choose all that apply):

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