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I’m studying for my Geology class and need an explanation.

The study of meteorology includes an array of phenomena with which most of us are unfamiliar, even though many of these weather components and processes affect our daily lives. For this week’s essay, select one of the terms from the list below (or, if you have an idea for a term not listed here, please run it by the instructor first). Your essay should cover a thorough description of what the term means, how it works, and what effect it has upon humans and the environment. Include one or more visuals (diagrams, photos, etc.) that make your term clearer to the reader; be sure to refer to the visual(s) in your paper. The length requirement does not include a title page, references page, or any of the visual elements present.

List of terms to choose from:

  • backing and veering winds
  • ball lightning
  • blizzard
  • bombogenesis
  • capped inversion
  • chinook wind
  • clipper
  • cold front
  • contrails
  • derecho
  • dust devil
  • flash freeze
  • fog
  • graupel
  • haboob
  • hail
  • heat burst
  • heat lightning
  • heat wave
  • hoarfrost
  • ice storm
  • inflow bands (also called feeder bands)
  • jet stream
  • lake effect snowfall
  • mesocyclone
  • microburst
  • nor’easter
  • polar vortex
  • St. Elmo’s fire
  • sleet
  • squall line
  • supercell thunderstorm
  • virga
  • wall cloud
  • warm front
  • volcanic lightning
  • waterspout

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

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