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For this assignment, you will be working individually to write a sample Materials & Methods section and generate your PCR and Restriction Digest Figures & Figure legends for lab report 2.

This notebook check assignment will be completed as a 3pg word doc:

  • First page: Materials & Methods sample sub-section
    • Determine what the first sub-section of your lab report 2 Materials & Methods will be and include a draft of that sub-section here
      • It may help to think about:
        • Organization of all procedures for this research project into sub-sections first, but only include your 1st M&M sub-section draft here
        • What was the first procedural step in our experimental approach to address the research question you identified on pg18 of your notebook?
        • Are there any other procedural steps you would like to group together with this step in your first M&M sub-section?
    • Include a subheading for this sub-section
    • This sub-section will be descriptive of what was done, but brief because the first procedural (and most procedural) steps have been done for you in the online course format, so you will simply state which procedures for what samples were performed and cite the lab manual without including all of the detailed steps you did not perform yourself.
  • Second & third pages: PCR & Digest Figures/Legends
    • These correspond to pg 21 and 28 of your lab notebook.
    • One figure + legend per page
    • Data images are provided in the Molecular Module Data Images module below the weekly modules
    • Add any additional labels needed in ppt, copy, and paste the labeled gel image from ppt into a word doc. Use a text box to create your figure legend directly below your labeled gel image. If a single figure has multiple images (panels), you can label them A,B,C, etc. as needed, defining each panel in the legend.
    • Reminder that the first sentence of your figure legend should be the title for the figure – what it shows. Legends include concise description of the samples analyzed, key conditions tested/experiment performed to result in this data, and define abbreviations and labels used. Legends here should be 3-5 concise sentences each (counting the first title sentence)
    • See other details in the general lab report guidelines

Use any feedback received on this assignment when working on the final lab report submission. (In the final report, you will incorporate and number these figures in the order in which you present them in the results text along with other figures included in your report)

Please upload as a word doc, Turnitin-enabled, single file submission.

Late submission is permitted, albeit at a 10% per day late penalty and the assignment will close 10 days after the deadline.


Notebook Check Rubric

Notebook Check Rubric

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeComplete

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAccurate

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeClear

5.0 pts

Total Points: 15.0


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