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1.What are the four things that Industrial Hygiene, (IH), hopes to do for workers?

2.What are the chemical hazards?

3.What are the four routes of entry for hazardous chemicals in the human body?

4.Name five examples of chemical exposure in workers?

5.Explain what acute and chronic exposure is?

6.Give an example of synergistic effects?

7.When you minimize a hazard, what is the most effective method you can use?

8.Which toxic atmosphere is the most hazardous, Oxygen-Deficient, Hydrogen Sulfide or Carbon Monoxide?

9.What category of hazard would you put Lyme Disease in?

10.What control takes care of 80% of any dangerous materials on your hands?

11.What physical hazard would be likely right now in the Midwest?

12.What’s scenario that can come from over exposure to extreme heat?

13.In hypothermia what is generally the cord body temperature?

14.What is Tinnitus?

15.What is OSHA’s top limit on noise for an eight-hour day?

16.Name five ergonomic hazards that are easily found in agriculture?

17.What’s the problem with Asbestos?

18.What disease was called “Stone Cutter” disease, (find this one on your own)?

19.Neuotoxins will damage what?

20.“you don have to know a lot about IH”. “You only have to know”…What?

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