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Can you help me understand this Anatomy question?

For this assignment, you will be playing the Eye Construction Game (Links to an external site.)… from the University of Illinois’s Project Neuron. Before beginning the game, you can hover your mouse over the structures and read a description of them. Once you begin, the game will name a structure, and it will be your job to figure out which of them, using the available descriptions, should be placed on the eye next. You will need to take a screenshot of your completed eye with a little note next to it with your initials and the date and submit that in addition to the questions. Once you have completed the game, please answer each the following questions:

  1. Were any accessory structure of the eye included while you were playing the game? If so, which ones? If any, or all, are missing, please list each accessory structure with a two (2) sentence description of its anatomical location and function.
  2. What are the three tunic, or layers of the eye? Match only the structures from the game to the correct tunic, but keep in mind that not all structures may belong to a tunic.
  3. What is the difference between the aqueous and vitreous humor? If applicable, where are they produced, circulated, and/or stored within the eye?
  4. Describe the visual pathway, with a focus on the eye and nervous system anatomy. Begin when light hits the cornea, and end when it reaches the primary visual cortex.

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