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Journal Entry: The Griffin family is made up of a mother, father, 3 male children: ages 7 months, 4 years old, and 1.5 years old, and the maternal grandmother. Both parents are educated, employed, and work outside of the home. The grandmother speaks only Russian and helps to care for the children. Lately, the 1.5 year old has been acting out violently against all family members. The parents’ guilt for being away from home causes them to ignore the inappropriate behaviors. The grandmother has been feeling overwhelmed by the children but says nothing out of fear that she might lose her standing in the family.

1. What are the pathological characteristics of this family?

As the population health nurse caring for this family you understand the need to also determine the family’s strengths before proceeding with intervention.

2. What strengths do you assess in this family?

When a family is in crisis, they often use defense mechanisms to cope with stress.

3. Identify and explain the coping mechanisms used by this family.

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