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Pick the topic in the second column in table 1.

1. Choose your Project Topic from the Approved Topics listed in Table 1

2. Find a news article related to your Project Topic. This must be a news article from a reputable news website such as a newspaper, periodical, or local/national news affiliate and can be from any date within the past three years. This article should not be from a blog or from a purely scientific periodical such as Astronomy Magazine or NASA News, but a resource known for distributing news on more topics than just science. Some examples would be ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox or the Washington Post, New York Times, or Forbes.

3. Email your Instructor both your Project Topic and a link to the news article you will be analyzing for approval. Everyone must choose a different article.

4. Read your article. Identify and list any scientific terms within it, preferably ones that you are not familiar with. You should have at least 4 scientific terms that you will be defining within the report.

5. Start your report, following the Report Outline below.

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