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Can you help me understand this Engineering question?

  • 1,500 words
  • Explain the purpose of the task or procedure, its necessity or importance, and any variations or complications that might be relevant
  • List any required equipment or materials
  • Use complete sentences, provide details, and be sure your thoughts are organized
  • You may use bullets or numbered steps to help organize the process, but as previously stated, each step should be complex, thoroughly explained, and utilize complete sentences
  • Whether or not you utilize your task from the earlier instructional assignment, you must submit an annotated rough draft of your instructions that demonstrate your corrections and substantial revisions (with marked changes, comments, and plans)**
  • Use headers or sections to break up your writing
  • Like any form of writing, this should have a clear opening and a clear closing (begin by explaining the purpose and explaining what the specific task does, end by outlining what a completed process should look like, what further work might be needed beyond this task, etc)
  • Supplemental visuals are allowed but will only be viewed as supporting materials, the focus is on the text
  • Cite any outside sources or previously mentioned supporting images or materials in MLA format

**You can demonstrate your drafting and revision process by including a link to a Google Doc with annotated first draft in your submission OR by submitting two appropriately titled files**

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