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Practice current managerial techniques and trends to support the goals of a food service operation.

Using the principles and guidelines presented in the lesson and reading for week four, you will develop a menu for the food service style of your choice and provide a written evaluation and critique of your developed menu.

The written analysis will be drafted using MS Word or comparable (and accessible) word processing program. The menu will be created using your choice of presentation technology for creating infographics. This can be achieved in MS Word, MS PPT, or by creating a PDF. You may also create an infographic [menu] using a free account at Piktochart. See The piktochart infographic will likely enable more creativity and visual appeal if necessary for your style of menu.

[Piktochart Demo video]

If you use an alternate program or application, please make sure your final product can be shared and accessed by others.

For the content of the written analysis, you will need to identify major components of the menu, provide justification for decisions you made related to what was included and layout, and evaluate how well your proposed design would create appeal for the user of your service, whether a customer, guest, or client. The evaluation should address both positive and negative attributes and provide a recommendation for improvement with rationalization.

You will need to identify the following in your analysis:

  • Style of food service operation
  • Target consumer [demographics, location, etc.]
  • Pricing and menu costing
  • Influences on pricing
  • Any significant nutritional information or information related to current consumer trend

If using a full-service styled restaurant, you do not need to present menu items from every category. Focus on a single page that is most representative of the concept you are using.

**Note: For enterprising owners, you should be using the product you presented in week two and build a menu or menu page around that item.

Like a standard essay, you should have an introduction and conclusion. You will also need to include an APA formatted reference page and in-text citations for cited content used to validate, corroborate, or provide a contrast to claims you make in the presentation. The written analysis needs to be supported through research, not anecdotal evidence.

You will need to submit [2] files, the menu and the analysis. If the menu is available through a link to a webpage, include that link on the title page of the analysis.

Refer to the iRubric for details on how the assignment will be evaluated

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