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I need support with this Geology question so I can learn better.

•Think about what you have learned. What does it mean to you? Do not write a chronology of the class.

•As you reflect you will begin to see how you are learning and how you connect your learnings to your life to
make sense to you.
•Have enough entries.2 to 5 are too few.Have more than 6.

•Length: 100 words to 1000. Your choice, depending on your interest.

•Use the pronoun “I” so I know you are ‘speaking.’

•Think about what you are learning and what it means to you.

•You may begin with what happened in class.Move onward in your writing to reflect on what this meant for you.

•One entry per class. Date each entry.

•Low marks (<12/20) for simply listing what happened in class.

•Date each entry.

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