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4-5 paragraphing answering question below include questions in written literature. See uploaded documents and example; read and review all four journal articles/ literature provided. formulate a nursing evidence based PICOT (population/patient/problem, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome.

PICOT Question

What is the PICOT question being answered?


Provide some background information about why this is important. Statistical findings.

Review of Literature

Outline the method for finding the evidence.

What key terms were identified in the literature research?

What criteria were used to determine the inclusion in the review?

Who Critiqued the articles?

Synthesis of Research Finding

Make some comparisons across the evidence.

What levels of evidence of present?

What kinds of samples and designs were used by the researchers?

What were the overall findings in relationship to the PICOT question?

Decision to Change Practice

What is the decision for practice based on the research in light of the PICOT question?

Is the sufficient evidence?

If not describe the implication for future studies.

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