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I’m studying for my Biology class and need an explanation.

No plagarism

Write about the parasitoid wasp based on the outline attached, although more information needs to be added in addition to what is on the outline. Also, use the science papers that are attached. the outline is based on information from the science papers, so the essay will be about the info in the papers as well.


Write about the evolution and functions of parasitoid wasp venom proteins based on science papers attached. Different wasps have very different venom proteins. I have attached 4 papers, there are more I will attach later.

Make sure to include these points in the outline.

The reason for your research:

• General background

• Hypothesis

• Which genes are you studying

-Parasitoid wasps

• Life history

• Specific information about Ganaspis sp.1 and related species

-Wasp venom

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