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Can you help me understand this Health & Medical question?

Write a Analyses of Scientific Literature for: https://ovidsp-dc2-ovid-com.libaccess.sjlibrary.or…

Topic: Effects of strength training on cardiovascular function


In a 3 to 4-page essay, answer all of the following questions based on the article provided:

  1. What is the research problem? Another way to think about this is: Why was this study conducted? (briefly describe & analyze)
  2. What is/are the hypothesis/hypotheses stated by the author(s)? (briefly describe & analyze)
  3. A.Who were study participants (how many were there)? How were they recruited? B.What were the inclusion/exclusion criteria? (briefly describe & analyze)
  4. What was the study design? (briefly describe & analyze)
  5. What were the results? (briefly describe & analyze)
  6. Did the results support the authors’ hypothesis/hypotheses? Why or why not?
  7. What was/were the limitation(s) and strength(s) discussed by the author(s)? (These are usually in the Discussion/Conclusion section of the article.) List other strengths and weaknesses you were able to identify that may not have been discussed by the author(s).
  8. A. What conclusion(s) did the author(s) make?

B. How can the research findings be applied? If no applications were suggested by the authors, in third person describe how you think the findings could be applied. Based on this study and past research discussed in the Introduction, what are directions for future research?

Use your own words to discuss the answers using information from the article. DO NOT use direct quotes or copied material from the article. Instead, paraphrase the source material using YOUR OWN WORDS and cite appropriately in APA format. Do not include the questions. Your paper should be written in paragraph form; it should NOT be a list of the questions and your responses. Your paper should be submitted to to check for plagiarism.

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