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I’m stuck on a Health & Medical question and need an explanation.

Final Project – Health 10

You are assigned to do it on Diabetes for the project based on your last name:

Project Requirements

You are required to create a PowerPoint or Pages presentation with 12-15 slides. Do not simply list the information on each slide as if you are writing an essay. You will need to include pictures, tables, graphs, infographics, videos or any other feature that makes the presentation stand out.

  1. Introduction and concluding slides
    1. Creatively introduce and conclude your topic
    2. The introduction should have a catchy title
    3. The conclusion should summary key points
  2. Describe the condition
    1. Make it interesting – You must not copy the definition out of the book
    2. You must use at least 1 info-graphic, picture, diagram, or another creative way to display information
  3. Statistics on the condition
    1. Various stats (not just one statistic)
    2. Interesting stats
    3. You must use at least 1 info-graphic, picture, diagram, or another

creative way to display information
factors could lead to acquiring this condition

4. What
a. Heredity, lifestyle, etc

  1. Create a thorough list
  2. Briefly and concisely describe the factors on the list – remember this is not an essay

5. Is this condition preventable – if so what steps should individuals take

a. Give specific steps and/or examples – minimum of 2 6. 3 sources

  1. 3 sources: research article, academic journal, or a credible website
  2. Clearly state the resources on the last slide of the presentation

Grading Criteria

Each of the six components is worth 15 points.

  • 15 points – Fully completed the component, clear and concise, presented in way easily understood, creatively conveyed the information
  • 12 – Partially incomplete – missing any of the elements listed above in the 15 point section
  • 8 – Incomplete – It was clear that very little effort and time was spent on this component of the assignment
  • 0 – Failed to complete this component of the assignment

Q – Z = Diabetes

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