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Need help with my Health & Medical question – I’m studying for my class.


talk about – health science major (occupational and physical therapy )

Students will write a 3, double-spaced final reflection paper. Your reflection paper should be a well-crafted and thoughtfully written critical analysis of your internship experience.

The reflection paper should address, but does not need to be limited to, the following:

– Describe your activities at the internship.

– What you learned through your internship and how it was of value to your academic and career goals.

– A description of the most important assignment(s) and why they were significant.

– What surprised you about the internship, if anything.

– Whether the internship has changed your perception of what you want to do.

– The opportunities provided to you to network, collaborate and learn new skills during this internship.

-Were you able to put classroom learning into practice?

– A description of the top three skills you developed during your internship. How do the knowledge/skills you developed relate to your major and overall goals?

– In what way did the internship meet your expectations?

– Do you feel the knowledge/skills you have gained were only attainable outside the classroom?

– Is there any way in which the internship could be improved?

– Would you recommend this internship to another student? Why or Why not?

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