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I need support with this Engineering question so I can learn better.

1.The input voltage of a Cuk regulator, Vs = 15v. The duty cycle, k = 0.4 and the switching frequency is 30kHz. The filter inductance, L2 = 200µH and filter capacitance C2 = 300µF. The energy transfer capacitance is C1 = 250µF and inductance, L1 = 300µH. The average load current, Ia = 1.20A. Determine;

2. A single-phase inverter half-bridge inverter has a resistive load of R =

2.4Ω and the dc input voltage is Vs = 48V. Determine the;
a) Rms output voltage at the fundamental frequency, V1
b) Output power, Po
c) Average and peak currents of each transistor, VB
d) Total harmonic distortion, THD
e) Distortion factor, DF
f) Harmonic factor and distortion factor of the lowest order harmonic

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