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Discussion Board 2: Lactic Acid

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Students will discuss the importance of lactic acid


  • Summarize that acids are compounds that release hydrogen ions (protons) when dissolved in aqueous solution.
  • Discuss how bases are compounds that are proton acceptors.
  • Summarize the mathematical definition of pH is the negative of the logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration.
  • Discuss how pH is a measure of the acidity of the solution. The lower the pH, the more acidic the solution.
  • Summarize how buffers work based on the nature of weak acids and their conjugate bases that compose the buffer.
  • Summarize how buffers are not just an artificial system used in the laboratory. Living systems are buffered by naturally occurring compounds.


Step 1: Respond to the following:

Why is lactic acid not always a bad thing?

Step 2: Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two other students. Incorporate personal experience, if appropriate, to help support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues and provide examples to support opinions.

In your responses to your peers’ posts, be concrete, make suggestions for change, including strategies, movements, obstacles, and so forth. Outside-the-box thinking and debate is encouraged.

Be sure to cite any outside sources in current APA format.

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