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Can you help me understand this Engineering question?

the final report needs to be written in New Times Roman 12-point font, double spaced, (except for the Cover (title) Page which should be in 16 point), and should use the following template:

1. Abstract: (300 words max)

Write an abstract with sufficient detail to acquaint the reader with your project. The abstract must include 1) the overall purpose of the report; 2) summarized statements about the main components of the report.

2. Chapter by Chapter Equations/Charts

  • Develop a maximum of three pages per chapter starting with Chapter 9 and coving the rest of the chapters we went over during this semester
  • Each chapter needs to include pertinent equations, reference charts, tables and constants.
  • Pictures of Tables and charts maybe scanned or screenshot (reference)
  • Equations need to be entered using the Microsoft equation editor/screen captured

3. References

– I uploaded the chapters that should be summarizes, and the book too if needed.

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