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Can you help me understand this Geology question?

I chose Japan as my country (please open the document)

Final Project Individual Itinerary Guidelines: (10%) You are going on a trip which will take you either to Africa or Asia. I highly encourage you to select a place you have never been before. Please listen carefully as your project will be organized based on the following components. Please respect the order as it does appear below. Destination: Where will you go to? Write the name of the destination and locate it with a Google Earth satellite image. The destination must be supported with a Google Earth satellite image at the appropriate altitude. Let me give an example Your final project takes you to Italy. In this case your Google Earth satellite image will focus on Italy and it should show the entire country Your final project takes you to Italy where you plan to tour the country. In this case your Google Earth satellite image will focus on Italy and its geographic features and culture Explanation: Why will you go there? Explain your choice based on geographic reasons and using accurate and appropriate geographic vocabulary. Airline Price and Schedule: How much will it cost and what is the airline schedule? I do expect a price and airline schedule. The price and schedule will be found on appropriate travel sites on the internet. Itinerary: What itinerary will you build for the week? Build a one-week itinerary. I expect you to go to at least one new place every day … only 2 half-days activity free or 1 full day activity free within this one-week trip. The itinerary must appear in a chart. Every day must appear in a row. Every row must be divided in 2 columns. Inside the left column write the name of the destination, its coordinates (latitude and longitude) and a description of what you expect to experience. In the right column, a Google Earth satellite image must illustrate your destination. Bibliography: Include a bibliography. It will appear at the end. Remember : you need “to identify, evaluate and properly cite sources appropriate to your topic.” Include four sources other than Google Earth and an appropriate travel site on the internet . APA Length: Length of the final project? Your final project will be supported by 1,000 words minimum, NOT including the Bibliography.

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