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I’m trying to learn for my Chemistry class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Formatting The report can be formatted any way you choose. However, it must be at least 2000 words (not including references) in length and contain appropriate photos, graphs, illustrations, and other images.

Contents Your report needs to describe the dish that you made. This description should certainly include a recipe with instructions so that someone else would be able to reproduce your dish. You also need to adequately describe the chemical/cooking techniques that were required to prepare your dish. I will be checking to make sure that your report accurately reflects all of the techniques/processes that were used. I will also be checking to make sure that you adequately describe all of these processes. Remember all of the topics we covered this semester (hydrophobic/hydrophilic, texture, acid/base, reaction energetics, changing/developing recipes, and flavor). The adequate description will require references (to scientific literature or kitchen science cookbooks or kitchen science websites) and will also be bolstered by the use of diagrams that help to explain these processes. I expect you to go looking for information that will bring scientific and technical depth to the description of your dish. My lectures from the semester can serve as a template for the types of illustrations/diagrams that can be useful. However, I will not accept my lectures of the laboratory notes as references. Creativity is a good thing. Most of all, I would like to remind you that this is a chemistry course. I would like you to keep in mind the types of chemical concepts we have discussed all semester long and I expect that you will incorporate these concepts heavily into your description of the cooking process.

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