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I need help with a Environmental Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

You are the new safety, health, and environmental director for a small, but growing private University in a rural environment. Upon arrival, you learn that the University has a large quantity hazardous waste generator status, primarily due to chemistry labs and the facility management operations that include paints and lacquer thinners; holds a Title V permit due to large boilers and emergency generators; and has an NPDES discharge permit to discharge the cooling tower water from its steam and chilled water plant. As the University’s safety, health and environmental director, you are to have quarterly meetings with the University’s Vice President.

Prior to your first meeting, the VP has asked you to develop a preliminary report on the environmental compliance status of the University. In preparation for this meeting, you discover that a comprehensive environmental audit has never been undertaken. For your presentation, you decide to convince the VP to allow you to undertake such an environmental audit. During your presentation, you must explain the following:

  • what an environmental audit is;
  • the goals of an environmental audit;
  • how an environmental audit will assist the University with complying with environmental laws;
  • the potential cost and time needed to complete such an audit; and
  • the EPA’s requirements and potential consequences for self-reporting non-compliance.

Be sure to include a justification in the form of identifying a return on the investment of time and money to undertake this project.

Submit your proposal to the VP in a format that includes an introduction, body, and conclusions, with a separate title page with your name on it and a separate reference page. Be sure to include page numbers, double space in accordance with APA format, and provide appropriate APA-formatted in-text citations and references. Your submission should be 3-5 pages long, not including title page and reference page, and should be long enough to meet all the above criteria

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