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This assignment requires you to interview a family, and then illustrate their interfamilial relationships as well as their external support systems and stressors by creating a genogram and ecomap. You will then analyze the ecomap and genogram.


  • Demonstrate your ability to interview a family and analyze their relationships, support systems, and stressors.
  • Describe both positive and negative relationships between family members.
  • Identify nursing interventions and strategies that promote positive relationships and reduce family stressors.
  • Minimum of four (4) total references: two (2) references from required course materials and two (2) peer-reviewed references. All references must be no older than five yearsPeer-reviewed references include references from professional data bases such as PubMed or CINHAL applicable to population and practice area, along with evidence based clinical practice guidelines. Examples of unacceptable references are Wikipedia, UpToDate, Epocrates, Medscape, WebMD, hospital organizations, insurance recommendations, & secondary clinical databases.
  • Create a new Word document
      • No title page needed.
      • Review the ecomaps and genograms in chapter 12, 13, 14, and 15.
      • Create an ecomap and genogram similar to that based on a family you interview.
      • Create a legend consisting of genogram and ecomap symbols as shown in your text book.
      • Write an analysis of the family relationship based on the concepts from your text and outside resources.
      • The ecomap/genogram and the analysis with references MUST be in one document. After creating the ecomap/genogram on word, move cursor below it and type the analysis. Include reference page below analysis.
      • Textbooks: Family Health Care Nursing
          • Read Chapters 12, 13, 14, 15.

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