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This discussion board topic is: this week you are asked to review the Family Developmental and Life Cycle Theory on pages 358 through 365 in your text book for 5th edition and 361-370 in the 6th edition. These tasks are common themes in most families throughout the world, although there are many variations on these tasks. For this discussion you are to choose one of the nine tasks from the family developmental and life cycle theory and apply that task to a family that you have encountered in your nursing practice. Tasks are as follows:

  • Arranging space for a child
  • Financing childbearing and childrearing
  • Assuming mutual responsibility for child care and nurturing
  • Facilitating role of learning of family members
  • Adjusting to changed communication patterns
  • Planning for subsequent children
  • Realigning intergenerational patterns
  • Maintaining family members’ motivation and morale
  • Establishing family rituals and routines

Original post must include 2 references- 1 peer reviewed AND 1 course material

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