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I especially found what you said about what/who decides what is best for the patient to be very interesting. On one hand the patient should be granted autonomy to make their own decisions, however as you mentioned, if they are opting for an option that may put their life in danger this can be a controversial and difficult situation for health care personnel. You mentioned the importance of educating the patient and making sure they are of sound mind to make a decision. This is at the core of autonomy. I believe that if the patient has been educated and is of sound mind, then they should be able to choose what they believe is right for them. Often, this can be difficult if we believe differently and are involved in the care for this patient. As stated in The Four Principles of Biomedical Ethics, “autonomy minimally requires the ability to decide for the self free from the control of others and with sufficient level of understanding as to provide for meaningful choice…This creates problems in the delivery of health care, especially when patients are comatose, incompetent (whether due to age- i.e., children, or to mental ability) or, for example, imprisoned.” What are your thoughts on these difficult situations regarding autonomy?

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