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In the biblical narrative God is divine. He is the creator of everything in the universe that exists. God also created man in his own likeness, without sin. Everything was created by God with an intentional order. This is creation. God set forth rules over Adam and Eve which were not to be broken. When Adam and Eve sinned, this was determined by God that man disobeyed his rule. Through their sin Adam and Eve were no longer the perfect image of God. Instead they became prone to all the evils of the world including disease, suffering and death. This was determined as the fall. The redemption occurred when Jesus gave his life in return for forgiveness of mankind through faith. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for redemption and salvation. His death was an exchange for the wrongdoing that occurred through the sin of mankind. His sacrifice through his death forged the path to restore a relationship with God. Restoration is the belief that through Jesus’ death and resurrection all mankind will be judged and peace and order will be restored.

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