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Res 320 Final Exam 2

In this paperwork of RES 320 Final Exam 2 you will find the answers on the next questions:

1.Researchers who have strong opinions about the subject of a study are likely to do a better job of conducting the research. (True or False)

2.Research may be used as a diagnostic tool to provide information about what is happening in the environment. (True or False)

3.Both basic and applied researches are systematic and objective, but only basic research utilizes the scientific method to answer to questions at hand. (True or False)

4.Basic research is research that

A.Addresses simple issues that are basic, in which research is not really needed.

B.Attempts to expand the limits of knowledge for a discipline.

C.Is conducted to make a decision about a specific real -life problem.

D.All of the above.

5.Information can be evaluated using which of the following characteristics?




D.All of the above.

E.A & C above.

6.A hypothesis is a proven proposition that asserts the probable answers to research questions. (True or False)

7.Experiments hold the greatest potential for establishing cause-and-effect relationships. (True or False)

8.Which of the following statements concerning research design is true?

A. Research design provides a framework that guides data collection.

B. Ideal research design is determined by the research objectives.

C. Research design characteristics are indirectly determined by theinformation needs of the decision maker.

D. All of the statements are true.

9.If the research question were defined as

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