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Psy 301 Week 5 Final Paper Social Psychology Bringing It All Together

There is PSY 301 Week 5 Final Paper Social Psychology Bringing It All Together in this pack

Social Psychology: Bringing It All Together

According to Feenstra (2011): “Social psychologists investigate how we view ourselves and others, how we interact with others, how we influence others, and how we act when we are part of a group. Given the amount of time each of us spends thinking about and interacting with the people we encounter every day, much of our lives are spent with the subject matter of social psychology.”(p.22) This is a formal research paper and must be eight to ten pages in length. Imagine that this paper will be used as a reference for individuals who are completely unfamiliar with social psychology principles. This paper will provide them with an overview of the field, and explain the key principles associated with its practice. Include the following components in your research paper:

1. Discovering the Self – How do we perceive ourselves and our interactions with others?

a. Self-concept, awareness, and self-schemas b. The acting self c. Self-esteem and self-efficacy

2. Thinking About Others – What judgments do we make about other people?

a. Attributions: internal, external, explanatory style b. Attitudes and behavior c. Prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination

3. Influencing Others: Persuasion – How do we use the power of persuasion?

a. Persuasion techniques b. Characteristics of the persuader, message, audience

4. Influencing Others: Obedience and Conformity – What factors lead us to conform and become obedient?

a. Aggressive behavior and aggression cues b. Prosocial behavior c. Relationship building, love, and attraction

5. Group Dynamics – What are elements of a group?

a. Types of groups b. Consequences of Groupthink c. Social dilemmas

After addressing the components above, reflect on the future of social psychology. Given the immense changes that our society is experiencing (both nationally and internationally), what do you predict will occur in the field of social psychology? What ground-breaking new research do you anticipate?

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