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Project Risks Responses Strategy

For this assignment, you will utilize some of the same decision processes and responses that you gave for the Discussion Board assignment to determine a response for each of the risks that you have already identified in the previous weeks. For the higher priority risks, make sure the responses minimize the risks as much as possible.

You will be adding columns to your table (similar to this example) that you started in Week 2.


The overall project deliverables are the following:

Update the Key Assignment Document title page with a new date and project name.Update previously completed sections based on instructor feedback.Complete “New Content” below, and copy it under the section in the Key Assignment Document that is called “Project Risks Responses Strategy.”New ContentProject Risks Responses StrategyDetermine the type of response for each identified risk (avoid, transfer, mitigate, or accept).Thoroughly describe what the specific response will be, including any additional tasks to the project plan or a contingency budget where appropriate.Update the table or matrix that you have been summarizing the risks in to include identification of the response (see example in the assignment section).Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.

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