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Annotated Reference List

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Annotated Reference List

Annotated Reference List

Directions: For this assignment, you will choose a topic related to Digital Literacy and create a list of credible sources. Open a Word Document and fill it in following the directions below to create a reference list. You will not be writing a paper, just creating the reference list.

1. Open your Word Document

2. Change your settings to:

a. Double Space

b. Times New Roman 12

c. 1” margins all around

3. At the top of the page type References and then center align it. (It helps if you hint enter after typing, and then click on the word References and hit center align)

4. Type “Topic- (and your topic)” hit enter

5. From here on you will be creating a reference list for a research paper on that topic. Make sure your references are in APA format and that you use credible sources.

6. Under each reference, put a 2-3 sentence summary of the article in your own words.

7. You need to have 7 credible sources total

a. 1 of the sources needs to be a book

This is due before next class in the DropBox titled: Reference List

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