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Part A::Discussion: Hardware and Software Needs, Part B::Respond to two of your peers and provide feedback

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Part A:::

For this discussion, you will choose one of the following business environments:

  • Midsize or Global Company
  • Educational Organization
  • Medical Organization

Identify three considerations when determining the software needs for your chosen environment. An example of a consideration is access control, including user accounts and passwords. Frame your response in 1–2 paragraphs.

Part B:::

Respond to two of the post below and provide feedback. Is there anything you would add to their response? Are there any issues you can foresee and would expand on?

Post 1: Three considerations when choosing software needs for a medical organization would be security, the ability to move information between different departments and user-friendliness. Just from my past experience in the healthcare industry, I know that security of PMI or protected medical information is always at the forefront of administrations mind. This is why it would be my first concern. My second consideration would be the ability to move information between departments. It is very important that admissions is able to transfer information to the nursing staff. Then, nursing to be able to send all treatment information to the pharmacy and billing departments. Lastly, user-friendliness is key. If the staff is able to efficiently and accurately document what they need to and don’t have to jump through cyber-hoops to do it, they will be happy employees. Happy workers make a happy medical organization.

Post 2: In an educational organization, there are a few important considerations to make. The first and most important is a gradebook software. Even young children are graded on whether their work is satisfactory or not, as to help decide whether they are ready for the next year of schooling. Secondly, an email system is crucial, as it allows educators to be able to reach out to students, parents, and their co-workers, so they can make a plan for their students, help personalize learning journeys, and reach out regarding grades. It also allows a teacher to be more accessible without having to give out personal information like their phone number. Last, but not least, is access control. Nearly every school has some sort of computer lab or at least computers that are accessible by students. With the amount of personal and financial data that could be in a schools network, locking certain privileges and data behind different accessibility groups is a must, to prevent not only illegal accessing of data, but to also prevent students from accessing certain websites and downloading sketchy or illegal software on the computers, possibly opening themselves up to legal ramifications.

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