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Assignment on Business Analysis at MOOster

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Go through the attached document ( assignment Description and questions) which has what to work on.

Note: To answer the first question in below three questions – please refer the PPT (p e s t l e)


(i) As part of the Strategic Analysis, analyse the external and internal business environment of MOOster using PESTLE and SWOT analyses. Briefly report and reflect on the findings from these analyses.

(ii) Use Soft Systems Methodology to undertake a preliminary definition of the MOOster-Gippsland Community problem, explaining how you might apply SSM. Using the tools and techniques from SSM, develop and discuss potential solutions/resolutions to this problem.

(iii) The Board decides that it is critical to address the spoilage issue during the transportation to remote markets, and has asked the Business Analysis Team to investigate the feasibility of considering the implementation of and IoT (Internet of Things) system, including smart sensors, communications, and so on. You are asked to identify the stakeholders for this initiative, produce a Harm-Help analysis for each, and plot each stakeholder/stakeh

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