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Request for Proposal

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Wk 4: Request for Proposal [due Mon]

Assignment Content

  1. This week you take on the role of the Senior IT Project Manager for the organization you chose in Week 1. As a Senior IT Project Manager, your responsibilities may include proficiently working with a variety of technologies, conduct meetings with stakeholders, create and forecast budgets, and design project plans.The CFO of your chosen organization wants the organization to purchase and integrate six new web servers. The CIO envisions more business travelers using the Web to purchase airline tickets and reserve rental cars and hotel rooms for business trips. Expansion of your company’s web capacity is needed.
    Research information about your chosen organization to complete this week’s assignment.
    Create a 3- to 5-page Request for Proposal (RFP) in Microsoft® Word for the CIO, which will minimize procurement related risks for this project. The RFP should contain the following components:

    • Purpose of the RFP
    • Organization’s background as it applies to the use of the request for new web servers
    • Analysis of procurement risks
    • Methods for managing procurement risks
    • Basic requirements for the current and new hardware and software
    • Software and hardware environment
    • Statement of work/Requirements and schedule information
    • Process for evaluating the RFP

    Include APA-formatted citations when necessary.

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