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I need help with this quiz

I’m studying for my Java class and need an explanation.

You are being asked to create a class called Your program should deliver the following:

  1. Reads numbers from a pre-defined text file.
    1. Text file name should be data.txt
    2. Text file should be in the same workspace directory of your project’s folder
    3. Text file name should be STORED in a String and called: String strFile =‘./data.txt’; If you don’t call your file this way, you will be penalized.
  2. Defines a 2-D array of integers with dimensions of 5 rows by 5 columns.
  3. Inserts the data from the text file to the 2-D array following this logic:
    1. If the read number matches the 2-D array columns and row numbers, then assign the read number to that array element, otherwise, assign the value 0 to that element.
  4. Prints out all elements in the array: separated by a space, one row per line.

Submit your no later than 11:59PM @Thursday 3/12/2020

send me the .java file inside zip file

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