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Project on Vulnerability in Network Security

I don’t know how to handle this Programming question and need guidance.

My Topic is : Vulnerability in Network Security.

Please read instruction below. I have attached a word document that has the instructions for the project. This project is divided into 3 parts;Week 4, Week 6, and week 7.

Now ,we are to work on week 4 and submit latest tomorrow by 11:00pm EST. Then the other portion needs to be submitted:

Week 6 submitted on Friday June , 19th

Week 7 submitted on Friday June, 26

You have provided a network-security topic you interested . Please submit the first part of the project including the following:

  • A summary of the articles you read.
  • Your opinion about the importance of your chosen topic.
  • What is the problem?

Format: APA Style

The other parts(Week 6 and 7) can be submitted on the dates I mentioned. The system does not have options to put different delivery time or day, so I choose 1 day because I need week 4 to be submitted tomorrow night.

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