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CIS D21JA 01Y Intro X86 Proc Assmbly Language

I don’t know how to handle this Computer Science question and need guidance.

Need to use Visual Studio 2019

Write a program that:

1.Clears the screen, locates the cursor near the middle of the screen.

2. Prompts the user for two signed integers.

3. Displays their sum and difference.

4. Repeats the same steps three times. Clears the screen after each loop iteration.

5.You might need to call the following procedures from irvine32 library:








The Gotoxy procedure locates the cursor at a given row and column in the console window. By default, the console window’s X-coordinate range is 0 to 79 and the Y-coordinate range is 0 to 24. When you call Gotoxy, pass the Y-coordinate (row) in DH and the X-coordinate (column) in DL. Sample call:

mov dh,10 ; row 10

mov dl,20 ; column 20

call Gotoxy; locate cursor

6.You need to create the following procedures:

Locate. It needs to be called before anything displays on the screen. Where it sets the cursor position.Input: this procedure prompts the user and saves the input.

DisplaySum: calculates and displays the sum.

DisplayDiff: calculates and displays the difference. (first input – the second input)

WaitForKey; It needs to be called at the end of each iteration. It displays “Press any key…” and waits for an input

.Submit your asm file. Make sure that you add comments:

– At the top of your program.

– Before each procedure: A description of all tasks accomplished by the procedure. A list of input parameters that the procedure receives; state their usage and requirement A description of values returned by the procedure.

– Don’t use any instruction that I have not covered yet in class.

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