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Data Abstract & Structures Lab: BT <— BST ADT

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Lab: BT <— BST ADT

In this assignment we will create, display, and search a Binary Search Tree of College objects. You are encouraged to reuse as much code as possible from previous assignments/labs.

The assignment consists of the following classes/files:

  • BinaryNode.h (template, given)
  • BinaryTree.h (template, incomplete)
  • BinarySearchTree.h(template, incomplete)
  • main.cpp (incomplete)
  • College.cpp (incomplete)
  • College.h (incomplete)
    The program creates a BST of random integers. The insert and inorder traversal are given.

Your tasks:

  • reuse (with modifications if needed) the College class from previous assignments
  • rewrite the private insert as a recursive function
  • display the sorted data as shown below:
Inorder: _x000D_
 ABC    98   AB College                       9998 _x000D_
 CC     10   Cuesta College                  19135 _x000D_
 CPC    99   Cupertino College                9999 _x000D_
// ... and so on_x000D_
  • display the tree as an indented list as shown below
1). FC_x000D_
..2). PCC_x000D_
....3). SBCC_x000D_
// ... and so on_x000D_
  • display the leaves of the tree
 ABC    98   AB College                       9998 _x000D_
 DAC    1    De Anza College                 19302 _x000D_
 IVC    9    Irvine Valley College           20577 _x000D_
// ... and so on_x000D_
  • search the BST (recursive private search function)
Enter a college code (or Q to stop searching) : _x000D_
College "FHC" was not found in this list._x000D_

Accept lower and upper case letters. For instance, if the user enters dAc, the search result will show data for De Anza College instead of displaying the “not found” message.

Also, it is left for you to decide where the functions in charge of displaying the leaves of the tree should be placed.

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