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Argumentative Essay

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Requirements for Assignment:Write a 4-6 page argumentative paper. Minimum of four written pages, not 3.5 pages, and not having the works cited count as your page count.Include a thesis in your introductory paragraph. Convince the reader why your argument and viewpoint is correct, and back it up with sources and evidence. You may follow the traditional 5-paragraph model if you wish.Include a Works Cited page with at least four sources, two primary and two secondary.Your paper topic may be within the scope of our class and the years discussed.o You have the freedom to choose your own topic, historical era, and frame your own argument.o Must be within the timeline of the course though. Reconstruction to present-day.Format:MLATimes New Roman, 12-point fontDouble spaced.1-inch marginsHow To Choose A Topic:Either choose a topic/historical era we have covered throughout the course OR a similar topic relating to the course.Your main question to answer will depend on your interests, and will vary by the individual. If you are having trouble deciding, please speak with me or email me.Examples of paper topics:o Lessons world wars have taught us.o Why do empires rise and fall?o Mutual influence of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures.o How did the Church had more influence in Europe than monarchs?o The most consequential event(s) in U.S. history was/were….

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