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implement the table structures in the database on SQL Server

I’m stuck on a MySQL question and need an explanation.

Most the part is already, I need the help for debugging the code.

Assignment 4 is the template and example provided by professsor, and assignment 3 is the ERD you need to code, copy all the code to SQL, and type the code between the template step by step. make sure to follow the template and the order.

1. Take the ER Diagrams that you were working on during the first half of the semester, and implement the table structures in your database on SQL Server.

a. You’ll use DROP TABLE statements, as in the assignment script supplied.
b. You’ll use CREATE TABLE statements, as well as setting PRIMARY KEYs.
c. Be sure to include the FOREIGN KEY statements.

2. After you’ve created your tables, issue INSERT INTO statements to get some fake data in them.
a. Make sure you have enough data to test various scenarios.

3. Finally, issues SELECT * FROM statements on each of your newly populated tables.

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