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CYB6040 Week 3 Discussion Board (BULLETS)

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Week 3 Discussion Board (BULLETS)

Please post your BULLETS for this week’s Discussion Board. Your post should be a short summary or article from an online resource that is relevant to our course. 5 Bullets per week minimum Required for an A. Recommend posting 1 more per week to cover any loss for duplication.

Bullets. Each week, students will prepare short, relevant, current bullets (brief written summaries or use the article itself from online reference but cut it down to core) pertaining to this course: e.g., national / local crises, terror incidents, terror groups, accidents, natural disasters, maritime incidents or piracy, political or infrastructure news, LEO actions, civil / criminal actions, health issues, open intelligence, Threats CIS sector news, Patriot Act, NSA, CIA, WH, laws or rulings of interest; URLS, security events, UAS news, C-UAS news interesting IT/ INFOSEC finds, agency news or actions, or bibliography items. The field of topic possibilities is huge.

The general format for a Bullet is: Author & Source, first; Title, second; Summary, third; [ Bullet Body] and your Opinion or Conclusions, last.

Grading on each Sunday at 2200 EST or before ( if limit is reached) for five consecutive weeks is:

5 Bullets / week = A = 100 points / week
4 Bullets / week = B = 80 points / week
3 or less Bullets / week = F = 0 points / week.

For further guidance: See Appendix B, or Kaltura on Bullets in Week 1 Discussion ( Bullets) or the Course outline section on bullets.

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